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Stellenbosch Cape Town South Africa

Data and evidence will play a critical role in improving lives.

Our networks and partnerships have been set up to amplify development and social impact through solutions that are tailored to the needs of emerging markets.


Climate adaptations, Food and Agriculture.

PEA appreciates that the impact of weather and climate variability on food sustainability is huge across contexts. Players have prioritized systemic improvements and adaptations that are most focused on climate-smart agriculture and the opportunities of improving food sustainability. PEA is tracking learnings and innovations within the sector and championing expert forums and discussions groups to change the course of food sustainability and provide necessary anchorage to other global concerns, including those on health, social protection, nutrition, and WASH. The above actions underscore the need for assessment, surveillance, research, monitoring and evaluation services in testing the fit of strategies, policies, and program structures to context needs and mapped outcomes, the viability of the mechanisms guiding implementation, and the sustainability of outcomes.


PEA believes that the significance of progress in reducing the headcounts of vulnerable persons within communities is a function of literacy. High incidences and prevalence across sector problems, be it health, WASH, nutrition, or climate adversities, are most often underscored by lower capacities of communities to consume advisories on best coping mechanisms and practices. PEA works to highlight gaps within the education sector through systemic assessments of historical and current functionality and coverage statuses and is working to help our education partners design projects and programs to strengthen systems, improve the quality of learning, and improve the associated indications of better outcomes human welfare.

Health, Protection, Nutrition, and WASH.

PEA is continuously exploring severity levels of the burden of global problems in health, protection, nutrition and WASH, guiding Policy and strategy, and origination of sustainable projects and program on service delivery, sector capacity building, behaviour changes, and many more. PEA is aligned to the need of exploring possible integrations with themes and needs on health, social protection, WASH, and nutrition for vulnerable populations- women, girls, children, persons with disabilities, key populations, and displaced persons.


PEA builds collaborations and partnerships with people, governments and organizations that are passionate about large-scale social impact and thrive in dynamic environments.

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How we work with our partners.

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Businesses and social enterprises.

We work with business and social enterprise leaders to streamline operations, quantify social impact, and to pilot, perfect, and scale-up programs.

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Evaluation Specialists.

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