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PEA has prioritized rigorous review of the food situation in Africa and will be engaging sector experts in focused discussions to generate evidence and guide strategies for sustained learning, innovation and growth.

Street Food

B2B Food Chain Innovations to cut food loss and waste in Africa.

Innovation is driving transformation in food handling/processing. Vendors have been afforded enhanced logistical capacity to safely  aggregate food from production units and get to market.

The food situation in Africa and the associated opportunities.

Adoption of artificial fish ponds is promising! Farmers have been presented with a opportunity to grow fish in  controlled ecosystems; with guarantee of quality and safety.

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Safe Working Environment

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Expert development action evaluators are invited to join our team!

Stellenbosch Cape Town South Africa

Data and evidence will play a critical role in improving lives.

Our networks and partnerships have been set up to amplify development and social impact through solutions that are tailored to the needs of emerging markets.


Sector Specializations.

PEA Consultancy has adopted an approach of a boutique consultancy firm offering advisory in Evaluations.

Food and Agriculture

Our consortium of experts have deep agricultural  and food experiences focused on helping partners and  clients design, target, enhance, and measure the impact of food and  agricultural programs and services.

Education and Training

We recognize gaps within the education sector through systemic reviews of historical and current functionality and coverage statuses and help our education partners design project and [programs to strengthen education systems.

Environment and Energy

We are thrilled by the efforts of our development partners to tap into the abundance of natural resources in developing contexts and providing green  transformational models to improve livelihoods. We support this acts through evidence gathering and concept testing.

Protection , Health and Nutrition

Our project design explores the integration of health and nutrition and how various groupings fall vulnerable to the extreme. We have supported interventions that respond to health and nutrition safety nets while addressing the associated protection concerns- especially for women, girls, children , persons with disabilities and the displaced.

Financial Inclusion

We take pride in our strong track record of supporting design, targeting, and evaluation of programs dedicated to serving the people who are unbanked within the contexts we work in.


We join our partners in recognizing the vulnerabilities associated with lack of access to critical WASH supplies and  support service providers to strengthen  programs that improve access to WASH; people’s health and wellbeing.



PEA builds collaborations and partnerships with people, governments and organizations that are passionate about large-scale social impact and thrive in dynamic environments.

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How we work with our partners.

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Businesses and social enterprises.

We work with business and social enterprise leaders to streamline operations, quantify social impact, and to pilot, perfect, and scale-up programs.

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Evaluation Specialists.

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