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About us

We use evidence from evaluations to  learn, innovate and grow resilient and sustainable communities around the Globe.


PEA is an independent monitoring, process and impact evaluation agency incorporated in Ajman, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Since our inception in 2019, we have set out on a growth path, transiting our operations from a model of working with a consortium of globally recognized experts who evaluate the effectiveness of projects and programs, to a comprehensive analytical service provider, specialized in advancing innovative methodologies to enhance the way development actors find solutions and adapt to social problems.

We are invested in our mission of using knowledge and evidence to empower social and economic change across a myriad of sectors including health, protection, nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), education, agriculture, sustainable agriculture and food, and climate resilience; in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) of the Middle East and Africa (MEA).

Consequently, all our current service offerings are driven toward making effective contributions in the process of designing development strategies and policies and transforming them into actions, deployed through projects and programs within MEA. These contributions are grounded on elaborate forward-thinking recommendations, whose origination is through guided consultations and discussions with peers and experts within the respective sectors.

These services are:

  • Independent/Third Party Monitoring: Through this service module, PEA is providing clients with on-site performance monitoring, through quantitative fidelity and quality assessment audits. Consequently, PEA is using optimal data analysis techniques and tools to synthesise key learnings and innovations for process improvements and impact optimization.

  • Process and Impact/Outcome evaluation: Our teams are very deliberate in delivering rigorous process and outcome evaluations of development actions. We are continually seeking and engaging clients, partners and collaborators who are detailed and invested in their evaluation needs, approaches, scoping and resourcing, and have proposed and deployed participatory approaches in documenting milestones (quality and value) of our client's projects and programs.

  • META Evaluations: PEA appreciates the fact that within the evaluation profession, there is always a need for quality control measures to support evaluative activities. Further, we acknowledge the fact that proper writing and definition of evaluation standards do not automatically guarantee high-quality evaluations. Consequently, PEA has developed a service that is responsible for defining, obtaining, and applying descriptive and judgmental information—about an evaluation's utility, feasibility, propriety, and accuracy; as well as the systematic nature, competent conduct, integrity, honesty, respect, and social responsibility of the referenced evaluations.

Within the above service modules, PEA acknowledges the brilliant work our various teams have been able to deliver; and are currently working on across MEA. We look forward to onboarding all the associated partners onto our service platforms and collaborating with all effectively for optimal delivery of the associated monitoring and evaluation tasks.

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The success of the evaluation approaches we use is a function of an elaborate and efficient organogram and human resourcing strategy; backed by an optimised revenue and cost management strategy.
PEA has a lean organogram, with the project/service development and delivery as the core organisation function. An outsourced shared-service function is also present to ensure that the core function is well resourced and supported for quality project/service delivery.

Our Mission:

We are focused on creating trust, working in partnership and promoting our ethics and standards when informing learning, innovation and growth in emerging contexts.

Our Vision:

Ultimately, we will become the ‘go-to’ evaluation consultancy firm in the sustainable development sector through our offerings of sound, competent and experienced evaluation advisory.


Projects completed.


PEA coordination hubs across Africa and the Middle East.


Evaluation experts working to inform decision making.

Our Values

We are committed to building a diverse team and creating an equitable and inclusive professional experience for each of our team members. We understand the value of diverse perspectives to make the best decisions as well as the importance of deep contextual knowledge for the work we do.

Our drive is to create  Impact through prioritization of Service. We approach every collaboration and partnership with Humility and advise our clients with utmost Honesty

We own our highs and lows, challenge status quo and hope to build a community of leaders through our actions.

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Evaluation Specialists.

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